Summer Program season is here!

Photo by Noelle Sippel

Photo by Noelle Sippel

I am beyond excited that this upcoming Memorial Day weekend will be the start of our Summer Programs at the Zoo! Each day you can experience seven unique programs that display our amazing animals. Learn about our animals’ adaptations, social structure, how they communicate, what the Zoo is doing to help them and how you can help!

This is my third year being in charge of the programs and I must say we have improved from last year yet again. Expect to see more Education staff around the Zoo providing impromptu programs and showing our animal artifacts, called Bio-facts.

I was just practicing our Stage Show this past weekend, and within ten minutes of starting we had a full audience. It was very nice to be back on stage and see all the happy visitors laughing at our “fowl” jokes, and giving us feedback on how we can improve things. I am always reminded at those moments that none of this would be possible without YOU! You are the reason these programs exist and the reason I go to work every day.

Please keep supporting your Zoo and we will be sure to provide you with countless educational and entertaining activities! Summer Programs run from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend, seven days a week. Be sure to check our Web site for the Summer Program schedule and to pick up a schedule when you come to the Zoo! Hope to see you all soon!

– Kenny Nelson, Interpretation Coordinator

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