It takes a village to run a Zoo

Photo by Kelli O’Brien

As a part of the ZooMobile Program I go to many career days at local schools. More often than not, when I ask students what types of careers are at the Zoo, the only two answers I get are “zoo keeper” and “veterinarian.” While zoo keepers and veterinarians are highly important individuals at the Zoo, they are not the only careers that are essential to making a Zoo run!

We have a wide variety of jobs here at the Zoo, from “A” for accountant to “Z” for zoo director. On a daily basis, there are many hardworking, dedicated staff members, educating the public with our many programs, preparing the food and facilities for your catered events at the Zoo, contacting the media about upcoming announcements (like the names of our lions), putting on fun events (like ZooBoo) and more!

Photo by Kelli O’Brien

Some of the jobs at the Zoo are not as visible to the public as others. For example, the staff who take care of our budget and the staff who work on grants and corporate donations help the Zoo considerably, even though they aren’t the most visible presence. They gather the resources needed to make the Zoo run as you see and know it today,

All of the staff members, whether they work directly with the animals or not, are an integral part of our Zoo community. The next time you are at the Zoo see how many different staff you can spot working to bring you the best Zoo around!

– Tim Fowler, Off-site Education Coordinator

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