Wolf Day was a success!

For the 3rd year, Rochester City School District School #58 World of Inquiry joined with the Seneca Park Zoo to present Wolf Day last month. To celebrate Wolf Day the students, along with the Zoo’s education staff, docents and zoo keepers worked together to set up booths around the Mexican Wolf Exhibit to educate the public about wolves.

The booths that were set up included a table full of biofacts, a fun myth or fact game, face painting and education stations focusing on wolf social behavior, communication, what zoos do to help wolf populations and how have people’s opinions about wolves affected the wild wolf  population. The students even created a fantastic handout packed with great wolf information and a few wonderfully bad jokes: “What does a cowboy wolf say?” See the end of this blog post to find out!

Photos by Jerry Swelcher

In the end, Wolf Day 2012 was a huge success and it is all because of the hard work from the teachers and students from WOIS #58, the docents and zoo keeper staff. I cannot express how happy I am with how the event went. We are eager to start preparing for Wolf Day 2013. Thank you so much!

Also I would like to give a big “thank you” to everyone who came out to the Zoo and enjoyed Wolf Day 2012.

Now the answer to “What does a cowboy wolf say?”


– Tim Fowler, Off-site Education Coordinator

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