Preschool ZooCamp wraps up for the year!

Photo by Emily Coon-Frisch

Photo by Emily Coon-Frisch

ZooCamp is underway and like every year, we kick off the camp season with our 3- and 4-year-old camps. These camps are so much fun! Our little campers are here for a half a day Monday through Friday and their days are filled with crafts, games, animal encounters, animal shows, time on the playground and time in the our stream (located near the ECO Center). The topics for the past three weeks of preschool camp included counting, letters and senses!

This week our campers focused on Animal Senses. On Monday, we talked about sight and met an owl with excellent night vision – we even made our own owl eyes! On Tuesday, we talked about hearing and met a chinchilla with huge ears! Wednesday was smelling day and we met a snake – did you know that snakes smell with their tongues? We got to see a snake that smelled us with his tongue! Thursday included a discussion about our sense of touch and we met a roach with some awesome antennae for feeling! Friday was tasting day and we met a rooster with a very picky sense of taste (he hates carrots)!

Sound like fun? Have a child who wants to come? Well, even though preschool camp is done for the year, there are still a few spots left for our school-aged camps that begin on July 9 and run through August 31. Check our Web site for the most up-to-date information on available camps.  Camps are selling out fast so sign your child up today!

See you at the Zoo!

– Emily Coon-Frisch, Manager of Program Development

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